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  • Receive faxes direct to your e-mail. Fax Email is the complete faxing solution.

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  • You will have the luxury of receiving faxes 247 in your e-mail inbox, without a dedicated telephone line or fax machine.

  • It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and you can receive many simultaneous faxes.

  • Keeps you in touch with your local South African fax number, anytime, in any part of the world where you can access the Internet

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Who uses Fax 2 Email ?

  • Individuals

  • Corporate companies

  • SOHO (Small Office Home Office) owners

  • Smart small businesses use it as a dedicated fax line that never is engaged (our servers can handle over 700 incoming calls at any time)

  • Human Resources departments and Recruitment Agencies, receiving CV's by fax

  • Law firms, Bond Originators, Estate Agents, Medical doctors..and many more....that daily receives reports and contract
    documents via fax

  • Charity organisations

  • Churches

  • Clubs

  • ...and  SA Government departments


  • Because its FREE !

  • Convenient !

  • More reliable than that a paper based fax machine

  • And it is working 24 hours a day.

  • No "tea-breaks" and never "out of paper"   :)

  • Streamline your fax receiving process and help South Africa to become more productive !


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